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Brother thermal label machine QL-5801
Detailed technical parameters of the QL-580N
Dimension 133x240x143 (W x D x H)
Machine type of network thermal label printer
Weight 1200g
Interface RS-232C, USB port (1.1 or 2.0 protocol), 10/100BASE-TX wired Ethernet
The keyboard does not
Cut automatically cut
Power supply 220-240V
Print height of 59mm
Ribbon width width 62mm
Printing method Thermal
Print precision 300dpi
Print speed of 110mm / s
Supplied Accessories CD-ROM disc
   Manual (with warranty card)
   DK fixed-length labels (100, 29mm x 90mm)
   DK consecutive labels (62mm x 8m)
   Power cord, USB data cable, serial interface data line
Editing software, P-touch Editor Chinese Version
Operating system Windows 2000 Professional / XP / Vista / Server 2003
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Print characteristics of QL-580N
Text modification: software font
Font Size: any size within the valid range
Mirror printing:
The serial number printing: (1-9999 / A ~ Z / a ~ z-)
Print the number of rows: According to the font size
Border: 126 kinds
Automatic format:
Memory: -
To print multiple copies: (1-9999)
Print Preview:
Barcode: 19 types
Function of time:
Date function: no
QL-580N features
Connected to the computer to print - to connect your computer to edit tags, more easily and quickly.
Network printing - Built-in network printing function, a printing terminal to meet the whole group of printing requirements.
Print multiple barcode - Print 19 international-standard bar codes, to meet the needs of you to create bar code labels.
High-speed high-volume printing - Print speed up to 110mm / s, using the standard address labels per minute to play 68.
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